Tuesday, July 21, 2015

ARGOS Athens Integration Meeting

The ARGOS FP7 Project Athens Integration meeting was successfully organized on the 20th of July 2015 NCSRD “Demokritos” premises, where the second Field Trial of the project will take place in December 2015.  

The project partners made a second survey of the test site and defined the details concerning the positioning of the ARGOS equipment according to the scenario of the project’s second field trial. The demonstration plan was presented to the security personnel of the NCSRD facility and arrangements were made regarding the use of the site during the demo. Moreover, several technical aspects of the proper usage of the equipment of ARGOS during the trial were discussed in detail on site, in order to assure to the utmost degree, a successful demonstration.

The conclusions of the site survey were further discussed between the partners during an internal meeting held at the premises auditorium, in which the current status of development and the necessary arrangements for the preparation of the tests were elaborated in a comprehensive way.

The NCSRD “Demokritos” Trial aims at attracting the interest of many local and EU Member States End Users, local authorities, and market & academia experts, as it will conclude the trial sessions of the ARGOS solution. 

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